FTSE Trading Strategy & Tips

Fat Cat Trading is a resource website for self trading FTSE books written by veterans with 20 plus years of trading experience, with long running reputations and detailed break downs of how and when trades should be executed on the Financial Times Stock Exchange you will be able to form a part of full time career using various authors methods.

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Top Trading Movies

For much of the younger generation of movie-goers, The Wolf of Wall street is almost certainly one of the main trading movies that would have been an introduction to the much-glorified and constantly-depicted world of stock and commodities trading. The Wolf of Wall Street is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Hollywood depictions of the stock trading world.

Many of the trading movies out there are inevitably going to be more accurate than others, and of course there are many trading movies that stand out of the crowd in terms of quality and entertainment. This article will cover some of the best and most notable trading movies ever made, from the iconic Wall Street with Charlie Sheen to Margin Call, and of course, Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street

Crypto Currency Trading Game

Forex trading? Completed it mate. This is the kind of attitude that some people have when thinking about starting up a side-venture of trading the foreign-exchange markets. This is quite often because of the myriad of online resources out there, containing thousands of pages of information – some relevant, some useless – on Forex trading, making people think they can dive in and make millions. The Trading Game is an app that doesn’t promise anything of the sort. In fact, it’s a fun/educational hybrid that claims to give you a solid footing in Forex and other kinds of trading. This review takes a closer look at the balance of this hybrid and its merits overall as a trading game.