Crypto Currency Trading Game Review

Straight to Market?

First and foremost, The Trading Game is marketed as an educational trading app with a quirky, cutely-designed edge. The latter point is evident in the design of all the promotional materials seen on the game’s website, which delve a little into the game’s fresh-looking interface, and Donald Trump-like illustrated character that appears in certain sections of the game’s learning sections.

So the simple, yet colourful and delightfully playful visual style – evidenced by the front page of The Trading Game website – is what jumps out at you before you’ve even begun to download the app. However, once you’ve downloaded and installed it, it soon becomes clear that this isn’t just a standard folly where you’ll be given a few basics and be thrown into non-realistic trading scenarios.

Open up the Trading Game app, and you’re greeted with an uncomplicated set of options, illustrated with red icons beside them. The first of the four “Modes” is the Learning aspect of the game, which is refreshingly detailed for a game that presents itself with such a light-hearted visual style. Then there is the “Trade” section of the app, which is what the majority of this game’s casual audience will be itching to get stuck into. Not so fast, though – you need to collect a little bit of in-game currency as well as some knowledge from the Learn section before you can go ahead and start dealing with the trading interface.

Finally, you have a quiz mode, which allows you to spend your in-game currency on answering questions that (hopefully) demonstrate the knowledge you have gained from the Learn section of the app. There’s also a Brokers section, though this is really for those who feel they have gained enough knowledge to branch out to real-money trading on sites like Etoro and Plus500.

Earn and Learn

Unlike fellow trading apps such as Bux, The Trading Game really does have an admirable focus on getting the player equipped with a good base of trading knowledge before letting you loose on any market interfaces. Scouring books and dozens of websites in the hope that the information you find is useful in a practical sense may work for some, but this app really has done a lot of that leg work for the would-be, budding trader.

The Learn section of the game is extremely detailed, containing two sections: Trading School, and Forex University. As you can probably guess, the School section covers much of the basics of Forex Trading (from reading the various charts involved with the trading process to trading times, trading tips from the pros, and where to start).

The Forex University section digs a lot deeper into the technical terms involved with Forex trading, and even begins to branch out further into other markets like oil, gold, and cryptocurrency trading. The Learn section isn’t big chunks of text however. You earn in-game currency as you go, and can then spend this currency in the Trading section of the game.

Now, for the absolute beginner looking for a bit of casual fun without learning very much, there may be too much detail here for this kind of user to take in. However, if you’re even a little bit thirsty for the knowledge that will allow you to truly begin to understand the world of Forex trading, then this app’s level of detail is perfect.

Trading Places

For those that want a bit more of a casual experience that gets right to trading, this game has some appeal. You only need to get to grips with a few of the basics to earn enough to begin with the Trade section of the game. This section has a wonderfully intuitive interface, even for those that didn’t take much in from Forex Trading School or Forex University. Across the top you have the various trading spheres, such as Eur/USD, USD/JPY, and GBP/USD trading pairs. Furthermore, you can delve into the cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin and Ethereum which you can find more about on

The inclusion of cryptocurrency trading simulation here is a practical inclusion from developers Finance Illustrated, since even though the trading interface section is simulated and you don’t use your real-life money, the app still follows real-time trading data or all of its trading sections. If you were paying attention in the learning section, you’ll know that Forex markets also have trading hours, so you cannot trade in either an actual or simulated fashion at times like weekends. Thankfully, cryptocurrencies are a round-the-clock venture, so you can always fall back on this if you want to get some simulated trading done on the weekends.

It can be quite thrilling to watch your progress over the days as you play with the different markets, watching prices and volumes go up in real-time, all illustrated in a very intuitive and pleasing style.

Best of Both Worlds?

While some trading apps have a focus on throwing you in at the deep end of trading interfaces and complex charts, The Trading Game really does have more of an educational focus. If your looking for a more trading based take on the app you could find one with but no longer. The app's focus isn’t educational to the point of being stuffy, however. Both the wonderful illustration style and also earning currency while you learn is fantastic, particularly when you can then use this currency to delve into simulated trading with charts and data that are based on real-time feeds from the actual markets. If you want less theoretical approach, I would recommend perhaps Bux or Stock Wars (these are for the more serious enthusiast that may have more initial trading knowledge), but for the perfect mix of concisely-presented knowledge and opportunity to put this knowledge into practise, The Trading Game really tops the market.